Power in Many is here to help conquer bullying. Maybe there are some steps to take that will help if you are being bullied, or if you see someone else being subjected to the cruelty and anguish of bullying.

Mental Health

Did you ever feel broken on the inside but still put on a happy face and try and convince the world that everything is alright? You are not alone with these struggles, and maybe if we band together we can help one another?

Suicide Prevention

Suicide is NOT AN OPTION. Sometimes it might feel like the only option, but other teenagers can attest that ‘this too shall pass’, no matter how difficult and challenging things seem to be. Reach out now and get the support you need.

Teens Helping Teens

Power in Many is a safe place to find support and learn about challenging social issues, and how to overcome them.

You are never alone. At times it may feel like you are the only one facing what you are facing, but someone has been through it before you. Someone is out the other side and can help you with their experience.

No one understands teens better than teens. That is why Power in Many is inspired, created and run by teens.

teen conquering

Next Steps...

Join our teen group today and help build a network of supporting teens.