Just Let Me Shop

I had an experience this summer that made me feel like I wasn’t a person. I was at the store with my mom. We were walking through the fruits and vegetable area in the store when two boys who looked like brothers kept looking at me and talking to each other. I had just gotten out of volleyball practice and was still in my volleyball clothes. These boys kept talking and looking at me, anytime I would look at them they would look away like they weren’t talking about me and I was starting to feel really uncomfortable. Then I saw one of the boys pull out his phone and trying to hide it like he was going to try and take a picture of me and that’s when I really started to feel uncomfortable. I made sure to stand next to my mom so they couldn’t really see me. It made me upset that all I was doing was going shopping with my mom and I couldn’t really do that because they didn’t care about me or that I was only going shopping. Boys don’t have the right over me!

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